Friday, May 18, 2018

Concrete Colored Paint / Tap Water

The flow of civilization is built from the sediment of countless souls. Daily lives producing commotion, taking only brief moments of rest for prayer and tribute. A monastery, cathedral or the waving flames of ceremonial fires, all holding generational resonance for futures to encounter. Concrete Colored Paint is the droning vortex of life on Earth. Centuries of sound somehow condensed and compressed on to two small spinning reels of tape. When played, releasing mysteries to be followed by questions and a quest for understanding. Peter Kris is the sound collector behind Concrete Colored Paint. Memories of life, amassed as recorded moments, delivered in sweeping sonic motions. A collection of beautiful pageantry, tones reaching deep into times wonders. All just on one side of this split.....

Tap Water takes control for the cassette's flip. Ian Franklin & Mike Haley join consciousnesses, an astral projecting sling shot into obscured realities. Pummeling sonic debris resonating against the protective shell of droning focus. Tap Water keeps on path, reaching beyond tangible disturbances. Now minds are unfolded by higher vibrating entities, the process revealing an aura of infinitely extending light threads. With ears resting on the ambient substrate, this aural spectacle can be heard through each passing generation. A sonic foray greeting immutable wairua, molecular distances discarded with little relevance. A scattershot of flurrying melodies to be heard only at the correct times.

Released on the Minneapolis label Lighten Up Sounds. Forty Four hand numbered editions destined for a complete dispersing in the cassette continuum. Lighten Up Sounds is granite in the mountain for past and future sonic goodness.

Lighten Up Sounds site - bandcamp - facebook 

La Tredicesima Luna - Il sentiero degli Dei

Crystal clear water reflecting and transparent simultaneously. Resting not in a hidden place, only difficult to find. II sentiero degli Dei needs ample time to be really heard. The aural landscape robust with heavily woven tones. Find the path then travel with open consciousness. What seems dark is actually gorgeous depth. Listening quickly without patience reflects absorbing grey tones. Slow the pace, this half hour rapidly becomes too short. Molecular density perfectly described by sound. Fabric holding the landscape is uprooted, ground water seeps in filling the indentations. This asunder ground looks like devastation, but after closer scrutiny, life blossoms where trees once were. La Tredicesima Luna has the unique ability to make sounds so forlorn, and at the same time, wrap minds with a tranquil blanket of warmth.

Two side long pieces in an opaque delivery. Drone burning ancient glowing embers adding fortitude and flickering light to the emptiness beyond the shadows. Thoughts gather and flow into a sparse collective only a few reside. Ushered by a natural essence so elusive to describe. There is patience here, an aura of old souls, energy dancing on the fringes of measurable reaches. Do not overthink these sounds, they are the currents we all travel.

Released on Lighten Up Sounds in the fall of last year. Unsure of how many are in this edition, but this does not matter since the label has sold out their physical copies. Lighten Up Sounds from Minneapolis has a serious grip on the infinite sound spectrum. Selling out most everything, be sure to check their main site for physical copies if they are not available on bandcamp. There are a few tapes for sale on discogs as well.

Lighten Up Sounds site - bandcamp - facebook 
La Tredicesima Luna - bandcamp - facebook

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Germ Class - Bitter Values

German Army combining forces with Dunes producing Germ Class. This beautifully produced and packaged compact disc on Dub Ditch Picnic brings the sold out world of cassettes and compact disc back and more massive than before. Bitter Values combines two earlier works by Germ Class, the first on the Portugal label OTA. A limited run, at the end of last year, of fifty cassettes titled Dimensions of Value. These quickly sold out. The second portion of Bitter Values consist of a an earlier 2015 composition titled Eat Bitter. This was released on cassette by the label Night People and also on CDR by Subsist Records from Valencia, Spain.

Hard labor over lifetimes, engines churning, natural light kept out, particulates in the air kept in.... Blank faces performing monotonous duties until injury or age keeps them away. These are the motions of slow mechanized beats, electronic processes only natural in the contained environment they exist. This is one portion of the sounds making Germ Class. Eventually the structure deteriorates, beams of sunlight expose thick stale air. Eyes looking up, averting from decades of fixed focus. Voices are heard , human or ethereal, hard to discern as the machinery still trudges on. The cloud of unconsciousness thought begins to lift. Struggle results. Living in a world of daily toil and not knowing is worse than knowing there is beauty outside the confines. This is Bitter Values, a paradox in sonic form. Genres colliding in a massive impact. The expected outcome would be a tangled catastrophe, instead intriguing seductiveness in a lengthy outpouring.

This compact disc is released in an edition of three hundred by the long lived label Dub Ditch Picnic. Available from the label's bandcamp page. There is a lot of music there, so don't get lost.

Dub Ditch Picnic - facebook - bandcamp

Scrateboard - Your Hand

The slow drip of a water droplet filled with primordial minerals. Descending with the force of gravity, a stalactite is slowly formed from the cave ceiling. Molecules depositing material on the cave floor produces a mirroring image called a stalagmite. Like an icicle rising from the ground, reaching to touch the point of origin of it's creation. Occasionally the special occurrence of the stalactites and stalagmites connect and column is formed. The entire grandiose natural wonder is sometimes referred to as a cathedral cavern or ceiling. How does this geologic formation connect with Scrateboard's cassette tilted Your Hand? Absolute patience is the foundation, inverted sounds reversed in time, only showing their notes when light is cast upon them. Your Hand develops using processes only measurable in geologic time. Massive amounts of energy compressed and held tightly. Sounds reaching molten temperatures, escaping with a warbled fever. Ancient notes regenerating in the continuing cycle the planet adheres to.

A total of six tracks running through about forty one minutes. As in the cavern's analogy, the melodies in this aural expanse are difficult to map. Sounds casting sonic shadows closely resembling their physical origin. Harmonies turning backwards, releasing listeners back to the place they started. This is an undisturbed composition, serenity resting for lengths of time that are still unknown.

Morgan Fox from California's capital city, is the creative force behind Scrateboard. Cassettes are available from the PECONIC Records from San Francisco. Your Hand was released in an edition of fifty. Copies are available from the label's bandcamp page. PECONIC has some very great releases and is completely worth time to explore.


PECONIC - facebook - bandcamp

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Grant Evans - Vessel

The sounds of Sputnik 1 still travel in space. Overtime, met with alien responses, dialogues deciphered, originating location probed.  Like an emergency beacon gaining the ocean surface from a submarine in trouble, satellites float just outside the atmosphere sending locations to unknown space. The arrival of kind help or the curiously malevolent is a fate set in motion almost sixty one years ago with the first Russian launch. Now, with Grant Evans recordings of Vessel, there is proof uncharted life has recorded our existence.

A mechanical process in repetition over countless life years of travel. Warbled noises droning through, fluctuating radiation levels augmenting activity. On this composition titled Vessel, foreign bleeps and signals tangle in an otherworldly symphony. The aural fields have been replanted by a strange settling force. Discerning the timbre of these sounds needs care and careful listening. A collection of harmonic fluidity balancing on the frail edge of comforting and disconcerting. A total of six tracks on a forty five minute cassette. A sublime blink in the vast musical outpouring of Grant Evans. Very nice to hear how so much experience has beautifully branched, like a twisting live oak.

Scheduled for release on May 18th, cassettes can be pre-ordered from the Athens, Georgia label \\NULL|ZØNE//. Painting with a very wide brush, \\NULL|ZØNE// has an extensive variety of sounds in their releases. A good place to explore and keep an ear on for the future. Nice to see Georgia alive and strong with higher consciousness. 

\\NULL|ZØNE// - facebook - bandcamp
Grant Evans - bandcamp - facebook

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Jordan Anderson - Selected Acoustic Works

Waking slowly, the morning far from unfolding, responsibilities and concerns absent from thoughts. There is something beautiful about rising to an unplanned day, productiveness or complete relaxation are equal in possible paths to follow. Jordan Anderson's Selected Acoustic Works has qualities taking listeners in both of these directions. Tracks are rich with the emotion each new day can commune. Sounds awakening with the consciousness, now gliding together on air currents gaining energy from the climbing sun.

Not sure how near to absolute beauty guitar playing can get, but Jordan Anderson is really really close. A mesmerizing tonal quality from the acoustic guitar, delivering the most splendid melodies, fostered by a patience ripe with wisdom. Strings speaking their own language, timeless ancientness, developed in unfathomable lengths of the evolutionary process. These passages flip the synaptic tumblers, finding neuron pathways to the cortex. With the connection in full effect, the mind races back to moments void of worries and concern. Tranquility is felt in the time frame of this composition. Jordan also plays the piano and delivers a fragile heart through voice. Keys played in a vintage photograph album quality. Lyrics speaking lifetimes of emotion condensed in single black and white pictures. Gorgeousness in acoustic guitar again, the mind rests.

Released on cassette less than four weeks ago. Tapes housed in stylish cardboard boxes that open like drawers. Small story booklets are included with lyrics and natural photography. A product of Geology Records, a slow moving label like the progression of glaciers. That is good, the resulting output worth any span of time. Lost in a Sea of Sound has been racing though, trying to get these descriptive words complete before all the cassettes are gone. Just nosing over the line with only one cassette left from thirty. If you have read this and purchase the last physical copy, your welcome.

Geology Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter

Monday, May 7, 2018

Stronger Sex - There Is No Stronger Sex

Swirling melodies transfixing thoughts. Lyrics delivered in harmony with emotion and style.... Sometimes alone harnessing heavy hearts. After many listens to There Is No Stronger Sex, the most conclusive single descriptive word would be Impressive. So many paths, tangled feelings of sadness and joy. An extremely difficult body of work to pin down, making this an exceptional composition and a pleasure to dive into again and again.

Stronger Sex placed a vast amount of effort into making this release. Ten tracks across forty five minutes, each seemingly constructed in a separate time and place. Individual parts are meticulously assembled and maintain a gorgeous flow. All holding qualities spanning across genres and decades of sounds. Johnny Fantastic and Leah Gauge mingle melodies like two prisms refracting sunlight and moonlight. Each could be either, both allowing the focal point to glow with shared radiation. Like waves on the Gulf Coast, gently lapsing across the most tactile sand. Fun pop songs drifting away like balloons. Strings slipping through fingers leaving hands empty and thoughts asunder. There Is No Stronger Sex reaches out and takes hold. Stray tears brushed away with compassion, revealing a smiling face connecting cheerful spirits.

Released on the fourth of May by the Washington D.C. label BLIGHT Records. This is the second description for BLIGHT, the first was a little less than a year ago with the release by Tölva, titled Manudaga. The production of both releases is really spectacular, sound quality at the highest level. There Is No Stronger Sex is available both in vinyl and cassette format. The cassette link is not up yet, not sure if they were all pre-sold or still to be sold. BLIGHT will let us know soon enough.

BLIGHT. Records - bandcamp - facebook
Stronger Sex - facebook - bandcamp