Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Final Cop - Broken Windows

Connecting into the sound continuum is something Peter Kris does extremely well. With so many sounds being recorded, a map would really be needed to follow these paths across continents and the people within. For the project Final Cop, Vern Ore pairs with Peter, together tapping into the sonic stream and delivering Broken Windows.

Samples from mysterious sources, beats and rhythms dredged from industrial sludge. Eight tracks transmitting from the global underground radio network of the past, present and future. The messages are not clear, sometimes whispers battling the electronic imperfections. "Tahhahwah Comanche" is the second track and the longest. The spirit of Christina finding conduit to sing her native songs once again. Broken Windows... now the title makes more sense. "Locke Lakota", a tribal hoop dance song keeping pace with the fluidity of generations. Each track holding secrets, a heavy presence of melodies, but their origins obscured by temporal distances. The spoken words throughout help tether the creeping onslaught of mechanical rhythms, but these elements are perfectly mixed. Tracks pulling listeners into a world made by consciousnesses vibrating in cadence with unknown systems.

The label Skrot Up has just one cassette left for Final Cop's Broken Windows release. Wanted to put that quantity check out there, because "there is only one". Forty nine copies of Broken Windows have moved out into the world. Skrot Up from Bermuda is happy, Final Cop is happy, Lost in a Sea of Sound is very happy, who will be next?

Skrot Up - Bandcamp - facebook
German Army site - facebookbandcamp

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Super Hi-Fi - Blue and White

Super Hi-Fi is the best band name i have heard in a long time. Could be anything, all music, all genres for all listeners. Searching Super Hi-Fi on google earth, the normal rotate and zoom in function hung up. Ended up with a triangle shape, a base from New York to Jamaica and two very long legs to Nigeria. Maybe this is the clue for the origin of sound on Blue and White.

Ezra Gale is the binding force behind Super Hi-Fi. Utilizing an immense experience from listening and playing music or in short "the love of music", Ezra has no boundaries. For this composition, the talent lined up, creating a massive group effort to nail down twelve tracks. Stemming from Ezra Gale's creative hand, this group of musicians followed focus and built a heavy weight in the multi genre spectrum. A few listens back, Blue and White evoked a comparison that was amusing. Remember the first Bad Brains album in 1982? This composition was on the vanguard of punk and reggae, combining in one slick offering. Imagine this thirty six year old release as a front and back cover of a book. With that in mind, Blue and White makes the vast amount of pages in between. You can hear the roots of punk, metal, ska and reggae. Take all this and follow the bandcamp page default starter titled "My Little Black Book", a track almost sounding like a throwback to Fela Anikulapo Kuti and David Byrne simultaneously. Super Hi-Fi also shows classic reggae album respect by dividing the sides from vocals to instrumental and dub. Blue and White is a release you will want to have on hand for the start of summer. A high volume energy blast for the heat soon to come.

Now for the multi-media cool factor. Blue and White is available on cassette (the version Lost in a Sea of Sound has) and hand screened, numbered, vinyl sweetness. Released on Very Special Recordings just a month ago, both versions are currently available. If you have been eyeing releases on VSR, this is the one to start with.

Very Special Recordings - facebook - bandcamp
The Eargoggle - bandcamp

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fuck Lungs - Honeysuckle

These sounds harbor hidden currents. Swirling motion heard from the surface, massive volumes of energy being pushed in the depths below. Joe Hess and Curt Oren are caught in this maelstrom. They feverishly drum and blow their way towards the edge of the vortex. After efforts are realized as fruitless, Fuck Lungs turns the bow and begins the decent. What was a brutal war against an insurmountable natural force, changes alliances. All fates are the same, the only difference is the length of time it takes to arrive. With this knowledge in application, Honeysuckle grows and blossoms with each listen.

Fuck Lungs takes a path in the sonic garden few will be able to follow. Like long thorns protruding at just the right length to pierce the skin, the sounds on this composition have the same ability. Listeners can not just run straight into Honeysuckle, even though it does sound inviting. Each track needs to be delicately handled, allowing the consciousness to follow. After the same path has been traveled with multiple listens in the wake, an unnoticed beauty grabs hold. Joe Hess has control of the roots, percussion like the wavering intensity of rain in the long saga of a passing hurricane. Curt Oren plays the sax, each breath manipulating the clouds to allow streams of sunlight to pass. With theses skills and the addition of climatic data storage, Honeysuckle is more special than most will ever know.

Just released in March on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. This is the second release for Fuck Lungs on Already Dead. The first near the end of 2016 is long sold out. The label is already digging in for 2018 with a wide array of diverse releases.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Fuck Lungs - bandcamp

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mazut - Atlas

Late night beats and electronic manipulation from the musical rich city of Warsaw. Paweł Starzec and Michał Turowski together as MAZUT. A fast paced and driving composition. Acoustical emotions almost completely removed and replaced by the sounds of technology gaining velocity through the decades. Made for future robot cruises through underground tunnels and infinitely congested control hubs.

A mechanical grin, achieved long ago by the past technological singularity, harbors thoughts of incongruity in civilizations advances. Like the caveman and discovery of fire, world war I's battle in the air, and early twenty first century man wielding the power within any mobile device. This future intelligence thinks back on the humans who first heard Atlas. A programmed chuckle through synapse is emitted. Thoughts of ancient man in some contorted gyration trying to emulate the advanced rhythm structure. Then the shift to current problematic matters. We sent the MAZUT androids back through the temporal continuum to gather ancient bio-samples. They left a music chip case behind by mistake. Hopefully this will not cause problems for the current time period....

Atlas sold out it's first edition of two hundred. A second pressing is available from their bandcamp page. It is here now, no worries about a distant future.

Mazut - bandcamp - facebook

Brianna Kelly / Sympathy Pain - Split Cassette

Received a copy of the latest split edition cassette on Whited Sepulchre Records. This time Brianna Kelly on one side and Sympathy Pain filling the other. The combination of these two artist makes a very balanced split release. Both spinning in timeless orbit, the droning nexus binding them to a future of countless cycles. Lost in a listening haze, sometimes it is difficult discerning what side of the tape is playing. Then Brianna's voice drifts through, adding a dimensional portal in this low beat per minute world.

Brianna Kelly mixes spirit with the unseen existence. Decaying melodies, somehow making their lengthy sojourn to the current moment. Brianna greets each note with a vocal interweaving of ethereal choir tones and soothing lullabies. Her four tracks meander in the electronic wash, clearing to hear strings being played, then tangling with dense obscurities again. A very subtle beauty, delivered in pace with a heart at rest. Thoughts begin to teeter in the inter space between reality and what is just beyond.

As the second side begins, Sympathy Pain takes the reigns delivering focus into distant realms. Two lengthy tracks taking hold of all consciousnesses and firmly departing through the veil of the unknown. Travelling in places where human measures have no relevance, Sympathy Pain's momentum is the only bearing that is somewhat recognizable. A rotating wheel with one knock as each cycle is complete. Strings sustained in an infinite reverberation fanning the movement through, then becoming clear as the center point is reached. Motion stops and traveling listeners are set adrift, their fate to awake or rest forever is yet undetermined.

This is the third cassette released in the Whited Sepulchre Records split series. The previous split tape, Sister Grotto & Tucker Theodore / Planning for Burial is sold out and Whited Sepulchre's first cassette with Braeyden jae​ /​ Ant'lrd is down to only a remaining handful. So do not wait, the Brianna Kelly / Sympathy Pain is in a limited edition of one hundred.

Also be sure to take a look at the pre-release for the colored vinyl split with Kyle Bobby Dunn and Wayne Robert Thomas. In a small run of only two hundred.

Whited Sepulchre Records site - twitter - bandcamp - facebook
Sympathy Pain - bandcamp - facebook
Brianna Kelly - facebook - bandcamp

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Ant’lrd & Benoît Pioulard - Deck Amber - Double Cassette

This massive double cassette has a release date of June 1st. Looking at the two artists, Ant’lrd & Benoît Pioulard, pre-release sales could realistically be sold out by the time this description is finished. Currently nestled in on the fourth listen here at Lost in a Sea of Sound, still not sure what words can climb the ladder to describe how far and intense this aural landscape really goes. One thing for certain, listening sometimes is like looking out towards the ocean, watching the swells compact to form waves. Listening is also similar to floating in those swells, in abundance just out side of the shore break. To fully glean the resonant energy Deck Amber holds, go in the water.

With two cassettes packaged together and two artist sounds held within, the normal modus operandi would be a split with one tape each. Colin Blanton as Ant’lrd and Thomas Meluch as Benoît Pioulard have gone astray from set patterns. For the first cassette of the double, their experience has combined, taking love for texture in sonic form and synchronizing a fathomless composition. In addition, like a double bonus, the second installment is one solo side of each artist, Benoît Pioulard with Solivagance and Ant'lrd with Slow Dream. So Deck Amber has full atmospheric infusion.

With Colin and Thomas working together, it is very hard to discern where the aural creations originate from. The seven tracks on Deck Amber dive into a world where sounds immobilize the conscious. Daydreaming with focus narrowing in on one particular spot, the world around becomes a hazy sea of dissolving disturbance. There are two shorter tracks, serving as interludes in a sense. Collectively a tonal wall of droning decibels, peering over to see if something can be discerned beyond, only to be drenched by non contained sounds lapsing over. There is depth in this composition, defying abilities to understand. Where individual creative input blurs and becomes one entity.  Also speaking in measures, one key aspect is each artist's experience over long periods of time. A connection to early cassette recordings on labels like Stunned Records, Digitalis Limited and Tranquility Tapes to name a few. These features making Deck Amber incredibly special.

Benoît Pioulard has one side to himself titled Solivagance. These tones divide, one side pulling at the higher conscious while the other rests with the sub conscious. An aural output allowing patterns of thought to have firm tranquil foundations. Beautifully maintaining resonance on a difficult plateau to reach.

Ant’lrd's Slow Dream side finds firm ground in ritualistic patterns. Collin has channeled primal sounds from ancient cultures, slowly turning the dial and alternating the core. There are moments when these harmonies take a futuristic characteristic, revealing the cyclic patterns of civilizations in both temporal directions

As stated way back in the first sentence, Deck Amber is in the pre-release stage. Lost in a Sea of Sound has connected with Sound et al to help send out an early preview of this release. Sound et al resides in Portland, Oregon and has been around for a few years now. A very diverse and professional label offering, tapes, vinyl, t-shirts and sponsoring local shows and events. Check everything out, especially this release.

Sounds et al site - facebook - twitter
ant'lrd - bandcamp facebook
Benoît Pioulard site - bandcamp - facebook

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rambutan - Swerve Through Time

It is good to have a new Rambutan cassette in the deck. Has been a while since my consciousness was sanded down and smoothed over. A new tape titled Swerve Through Time, is filled with imagination and delivered by experience. This is a physic manipulator, simmering test patterns forcing the brain's two hemispheres into a grab for control. Let go and do not think, these sounds are randomly dispersed, no pattern, only tonal congruity. Turn the volume up and hear the minute details, hum, static, a chord struck, shrouded melodies, and impending drone. Clear and precise, Rambutan has been lifting weights again.

Swerve Through Time seems to build momentum throughout the composition. By the last two tracks, the arsenal of bent strings and sounds from other worlds relinquishes. This aural mass has been set in motion, drifting is all that remains. A composition with all parts working together. Beginning and end housing a story of sound in the middle. The cacophony is perfect and shared in ideal amounts. Arriving at the second to last track titled "Graphite", initiates gorgeously slowed dense drone. Existing in solitary splendor because of all the work preceding it. The last track "Silver Refraction", is also the longest. This sound takes heed from the time before, the sonic structure simply a preface to where the construct is now. A very complex offering by Eric Hardiman, refreshing and extremely intriguing.

Released in February of this year in an edition of seventy five. The Rambutan cassette has excellent artwork, including a printed transparency made to stand out with the traditional card stock j-card.This label is new to Lost in a Sea of Sound. \\NULL|ZØNE// is out of Athens, Georgia. They have a very diverse catalog with some releases available and other sold out.

\\NULL|ZØNE// - facebook - bandcamp
Rambutan - bandcamp
Eric Hardiman - facebook

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Coastal Car - Silent Moons, Silent Rooms

A little over a year ago, Lost in a Sea of Sound described Coastal Car's cassette titled Lossless. There were nine tapes left when Lossless was posted on this site, these quickly sold. Now Coastal Car has made a return trip to Already Dead Tapes and Records. The new release is titled Silent Moons, Silent Rooms, changing gears with out a sound, smooth like a European luxury sedan. How has Andy Buczek cruised into 2018? The title tells all, implicit motion, gliding down a path only heard within current the moment. The future is beyond the horizon and infinity is the only direction.

Silent Moons, Silent Rooms simply digs in and unpacks melodic pop music. The most beautiful aspect is the lack of need for any sonic manipulation. Andy could easily play this entire album directly in front of you and it would be completely memorable. These tunes scrape the past and dust the future with harmonies dislodged in the process. There are brief moments sounding like what has been before, recognizable but not easily placed. Patterns in sonic delivery from decades ago, adrift and somehow gathered and focused again. How can such a young artist weave the aural fabric like a seasoned seamstress? "sweetness and light" and "sunshine girl", are two examples of songs having perfect ingredients, unprocessed and delivered with emotion intact. Andy Buczek is truly gifted and has composed another monstrous monument to beautiful sounds.

This cassette was released in March on Already Dead Tapes and Records. In an edition of sixty, barely enough for Kalamazoo, Silent Moons, Silent Rooms will not last long.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Coastal Car - bandcamp - twitter 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Günter Schlienz - Peace

Really wanted to get to this composition by Günter Schlienz before it sold out, but did not win the race. Did not even come close. Have listened to a good amount of music by Günter, and so many times have been emotionally called out. Like a locksmith for the consciousness, his melodies seem to unlatch the peacefulness often covered by responsibility. Is it possible to always be tasked and remain tranquil on the inside? There are individuals with this skill, but mellow on the outside and relaxed inside are two different things.

This compact disc titled Peace (maybe subconsciously started writing in this frame, but actually just noticed the connection in the title and the words). Either way, the end result is a much desired outcome. Eight tracks over the course of a tad shy of an hour. Electronic manipulations gathering energy from light. Peace takes the path just above the forest canopy. The beauty from this listening point encompasses both natural aspects of life on Earth and the vast expanse beyond. Tracks oscillate slightly to surprise with what is below, almost reaching field recordings, then gaining altitude, relinquishing the compacted effects of molecular pressure. Notes finding neuron pathways to change microscopic aspects in each of us. Sound's effects on sentient life is a very interesting topic, much more in depth than this description can focus on. Seems like Günter Schlienz has a good amount of research and development in this area already.

Peace was released by the Halifax, UK label Rural Colours. An edition of one hundred cdrs that found homes almost immediately. Both Tiny Mix Tapes and A Closer Listen had great words to say. Good chance this will be released in some other format at a future date. No inside information here, just intuition. There is one pricey copy on discogs, if you want the physical. The digital is available from the Rural Colours bandcamp page. This would also be a good opportunity to explore Rural Colours and keep the label on the radar. An excellent product from sound to physical form. Small runs, with most being sold out.

Günter Schlienz site - bandcamp
Rural Colours - bandcamp - facebook

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Midnight Vein - s/t

Sparks are shed from the speakers when playing The Midnight Vein. Like a fire accepting the new found position of the perfectly cured split log. Hungry flames come from hidden recesses to consume their new food. This ignition cast flickering light across previously dark space. A hunched figure seemingly motionless is illuminated. Straining to see more clearly is not necessary, the sound reaches your ears first. Trying to avoid consciously deciphering what is being heard becomes a priority. Only to be slowly forgotten as the mesmerizing tones and abstruse lyrics being delivered paralyze any ability to vacate this place.

John Toohill has been fueling the music seen for years. The Midnight Vein is a solo project, touching on skills including all aspects of music creation. The melodies blur with energy produced from bio degrading matter. Maybe these were pop songs long ago, now without any identifying marks, it is hard to really know. John Toohill sings in an almost chant like intonation, at points resembling the rhythmic cadence of a ritualistic ceremony. The influence of rock, specifically sixties and early seventies can be heard on many tracks. But the twisted Roky Erickson dark lyrics are the real gem. The difference, Roky seemed to be very repetitive while John is more poetic. Very nice to have the words in print. "Don't wait for me again, don't pray for me again", enjoying this chorus rattling through my head.

You can pick up a cassette straight from The Midnight Vein bandcamp page. But best all all there is this option, which i am going to directly copy from John's words on bandcamp...

"I hand deliver the cassette to your house, bring a crate of my favorite records, and play you cool songs for an hour or three. You can invite other people if you want. You don't have to drink but i'm going to. You must supply proper stereo equipment. Exact date will be negotiated and booked via email upon ordering. Western NY only. 5 available."

Wish I lived closer :(

The Midnight Vein - bandcamp -
Cool Article
John Toohill - bandcamp

Sunday, April 1, 2018

German Army - More Bitter Fruit

Recessed in the chasms of Earths surface, covered by geologic time, rests thriving civilizations motionless for centuries. On the current horizon, two figures seem to be digging tirelessly in the burning sun. Upon closer inspection, this archeological excavation is unlike common digs around the globe. Instead of buried artifacts, the search focuses on lost sounds. Each note, rhythm and beat carefully extracted to be reassembled in a less harsh environment. The physical decay of recovered aural manifests require German Army to carefully piece back these sounds. Electronic augmentations are incorporated to bridge any gaps, relying on their vast experience in this type of work.

More Bitter Fruit holds tight to the mysterious world German Army subsists in. This is a complex composition, traveling the spectrum of time. Ancient sounds blurred with possible future paths. Industrial electronics, powered by the grounds vibration from legions of souls making temporal contract. The pace is methodical and sustained. A pulse runs through More Bitter Fruit, sometimes hiding faintly in the shadows of German Army's ubiquitous sound arrays. When the percussive cadence takes the foreground, More Bitter Fruit seems to channel an Arabic quality. This can be heard clearly on the tracks  "Palace(s) - More Bitter Fruit - Sovereignity" and "Silencing the Past (u)". Adding to this observed quality is the second track "Cochinat (d)", sounding similar to an Islamic call to prayer. With seven tracks total, the signature German Army bubbling murkiness, makes difficult any connections to the world we try intently to fathom. Listeners are left to ponder the origins of More Bitter Fruit, questioning the connections of past and future. Swirling electronic drone encompassing sonic moirés. The wavelengths tighten to form abstruse melodies.

A German Army vinyl release on the UK label Discrepant. In an edition of three hundred copies and currently available from the label's site. The description from Discrepant says this was taken from the 1982 book Bitter Fruit. The story of the CIA operation to overthrow the democratically elected government of Guatemala in 1954. That would have been a tough one to connect in words :)

German Army site - bandcamp
Discrepant site - bandcamp - facebook

Rose - Transference

Listening in the dark to dense compositions created with tidal like emotions. Transference is a vessel, packed with Osmium, ready to be absorbed by the the over taxed conscious. The additional stability offered by these sounds will help relieve the rigors of responsibility. Rose has mined the deep ambient sub surface, returning with a drone based heavy. Some where in this molecular load, beats and rhythms sift out in their own accord.

A beautiful energetic swell lasting just under a half hour. Six tracks, slowly cycling between sleep like breathing and early morning cognitive awakening. Transference has many layers, all pulling back with the permanence only patience can pry between. This sonic landscape is the eroded remnant of music initialized decades ago. Electronic beats and glitch pop worn down by a world with changing aural requirements. What is left in the wake is lost to most. Those who listen closely know the foundations have given way to a new beauty, impossible to create without sound tectonics. A building and dissolving cycle lasting lifetimes. Rose has given listeners a tonal glimpse.

Released just recently on Constellation Tatsu. Transference was one of four cassettes in the 2018 Winter Batch. The cassette and the batch are currently both available. Not sure how many tapes are in this edition, but many have sold from the number of squares on the bandcamp page. Rose has had two previous releases on Constellation Tatsu, Exile in 2016 and Deliverence in 2014. Beyond this Reuben Sawyer had Constricting Realities on the label in 2013 and one of the very first releases as Blood Bright Star in 2012. This is just on Constellation Tatsu and does not even dive into countless projects and releases on other labels.

Constellation Tatsu site - twitter - bandcamp - facebook